Silvia Lindtner
Technology Innovation. Urban Redesign. Maker - Manufacturing Cultures in China.
Jean Hardy
Social computing, cultural production, sexuality, and economic development in the rural Midwest.
cindy lin
Land and Ecology. Infrastructure. DIY Maker and Hacker Cultures. Nature/Culture. Feminist Technoscience.
Gabriel Grill

Critical Studies of Algorithms, Data and Infrastructure. Surveillance and Resistance Studies. Sociology of Time. Agnotology.

Jonathan Riley

Ubiquitous Cities and Urban Information Ecosystems. Political economy of ICTs. Spatial Analytics. Informality.

Linda Huber
Ethics and Cultures of Software Development and Design. Phenomenology and the Future of Work.
Anubha Singh
Global Digital Cultures. Feminism. Postcolonial Computing. Infrastructure Studies. Values and Ethics in Sociotechnical Systems.
Allegra Fonda-Bonardi
Technology Policy. Environment. Social and Governance (ESG) Information. Capital Markets. China.
Josh Guberman
Crip technoscience. Disabled community & identity on social media. Disability justice informed methodologies.


Seyram Avle
Assistant Professor of Global Digital Media at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst
ICT Production in the Global South. Makers and Doers in Africa and China. Media and Communication Policy in Ghana.
Stefanie Wuschitz
TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology) & Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory
Feminist Hacking. Peer Production. Grassroots Community Formation.
Melissa Weintraub
UX Researcher, Girls Who Code & Think Company
Tech culture. Experimental Subcultures.